A slight note of warning seems due, because if you dó check out this vocal/music outing, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with it, and want to spend whatever money necessary to get a copy of the album! I speak of personal knowledge of the addicting effect this album has, because I'm already looking to get my own copy as is (seeing as the editor-in-chief reserves the right to hold back all and every item I review for these specials, you see!?). Need I mention that, obviously, Between The Bridges has found a way to creep into my “best Albums Of 2001” lists?


Progression Magazine

Between the Bridges, the third release by this unique Brooklyn act, is what you might call a happy surprise. Focusing on the Maggie Reilly/Rikki Lee Jones vox and areodetic songwriting of K. Page, Sleepwalker’s Parade bring sprinklings of classy uptown neo-jazz licks and rhythms to the indie/alt table. Page likes to set you up slow with a smoky back-in-the-alley waltz or shuffle, and then sneak up after a verse or two with the gloves off.  
     This approach works effectively on “Places People Stay” which leaps without warning into a reggae bounce, complete with a snarling Harvey Valdes guitar solo. “Simple Song” commences with Josh Meyers’ masterful walking bass. “Media Monster” gradually becomes downright cathartic, with the band howling and Page literally screaming her lyrics, cleverly followed by the impressionistic title track that merely melts into oblivion in a true surrealist coup.
     The gritty lyrical ironies born of Page’s street-smart urban sensibility are icing on the cake. It’s great to hear some young musicians who have the bullocks to channel both aggression and sensitivity into musically satisfying statements. – JOHN PATRICK


"Experimental, interesting, well- produced, a little extraordinary...Don't miss this band!

Get Ready to Rock

"A tricky band to pigeon hole...with lovely vocals and...a combustible merging of genres."

The Big Takeover

"Shifting effortlessly from soft and delicate to loud and weighty rock... this irregular background provides a natural fit for the adventurous and impulsive vocals of Ms. Page, whose startling voice ranges from a silky torch -like coo, to a Siouxie-esque wail, to a throaty, menacing growl. Page's inimitable style ensures another highly distinctive LP."


"It’s impressive to see such a progression of styles ...a variety of well-times bursts and imagination"

Village Voice
" Stuart weaves and eerie vocalise"
The Big Takeover

Ms. Page's Brooklyn group promises a break from robotic indie rock. Page's exictable banshee vocals, part Peggy Lee and part The Nun's Jennifer Miro, are provocative and the backup music is an amalgam of classic and avant garde jazz, art new music, and rock...individualistic and unusual.

Left Hip Magazine

Through a thick fog of smoke in a musty NYC dive, you’ll find K. Page and the Sleepwalker’s Parade wailing neo-beatnik verse over swinging guitar, bass, and drums. At least, that’s the image Green City evokes. The album shines in its reshaping of Patti Smith-style poetics: Green City blends experimental jazz, rock, and classical influences behind Page’s sometimes sweet, sometimes dark, but always passionate, crooning.

The Owl Magazine

K. Page and Sleepwalker's Parade's Green City is an album that you might imagine would be worn out on an iPod alongside those of Billie Holiday or Johnny Cash, dare I say, Le Tigre? K. Page's sooty vocals smolder beside subdued electric riffs and a calculated beat...It's easy to imagine yourself sitting in a garage inches away from the drummer. ..it has that sound that seems almost "imperfect," which ironically makes it a success.


Tucked away in some seedy nightclub would be the avant garde vocal jazz group led by K.Page and her glorious spectacle of a voice. The group masterfully weaves carpeted improv jazz with circuitry bent on experimental music.... ( see sight for more. We are the Editor's Pick! )


To me, K. Page and Sleepwalker’s Parade can be compared to a fusion of Imogen Heap, Bjork, and Canada’s own Leslie Feist. This album is well composed, from K. Page’s vocals to the smooth instrumentals. If there is any more room for these kinds of bands in the industry, I really hope this one becomes the next big thing. I see a lot of potential in these guys with their first album. This is a whole new mood.

Northeast In Tune Magazine

She has a haunting voice that seems simultaneously fragile and menacing...you can’t help being ensnared because Page’s voice lures you like a siren... I would suggest giving them a serious listen: repeatedly.

The Beat Surrender

...a very ambitious album. It flits playfully between jazz and more rocky moments, Page's vocals can be sweet or other worldy...


K.Page and Sleepwalker's Parade is an interesting band, if not for the diverse array of styles that they incorporate into their music , but for how right the music sounds all put together.


Kristin’s classically trained vocals shape most of the songs but the 6 piece band is not short of making her voice shine through.

"like Bjork meets Nina Simone"
City Search
" canary, Stuart breathes well crafted lines"
helo magazine

Link to interview of poet, Terese Svoboda where she talks about erh experience in WORDS/MUSIC, series I curate at The Gershwin Hotel.